Zesty Bay Garlic Chunkles (500 mL)


Hand-cut hearty pickle chunks (forever to be known as “chunkles”) infused with the bold flavours of garlic and the iconic Old Bay (TM) seasoning, all nestled in chunky goodness. Our pickles deliver a delightful balance of savory saltiness from Old Bay, perfectly complementing the robust garlic flavours for a taste experience that’s irresistibly flavourful in a chunky pickle. While this seasoning is famously known for enhancing the taste of seafood, we’ve discovered its magic in transforming ordinary pickles into extraordinary delights. Our pickles, seasoned with the iconic blend of herbs and spices from Old Bay (TM), offer a tantalizing fusion of savory, zesty, and slightly tangy notes. It’s a flavourful journey that proves Old Bay (TM) isn’t just for seafood – it’s a versatile seasoning that elevates any dish, including our delicious pickles! Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch and a burst of savory spice that will tantalize your taste buds. Perfect for snacking straight from the jar or adding a flavorful kick to your favourite dishes. Elevate your pickle game with “Zesty Bay Garlic Chunkles” – order now and experience a delicious fusion of flavours in every chonky bite!!

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Ingredients: Cucumber, water, vinegar, pickling salt, sugar, Old Bay (Celery salt (salt, celery seed), Spices (including Red Pepper & Black Pepper and Paprika), mustard seed, garlic, red pepper flake, bay leaf

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