Autumn Fiery Harvest Piccalilli (212 mL) (LIMITED RELEASE)


VERY LIMITED RELEASE! Autumn Fiery Harvest Piccalilli, a sensational blend of chopped cauliflower, red onion, celery, carrot, sweet pepper, and jalapeño pepper, all bathed in a tantalizing mustard-infused sauce. Celebrate the season with this unique condiment that perfectly balances the crispness of fall vegetables with a delightful spicy kick.

Chopped Texture Sensation:
Our piccalilli stands out with its distinctive, hearty chopped texture, creating a delightful crunch in every bite. Each savory vegetable morsel contributes to a symphony of flavors, making it an exceptional and satisfying addition to your culinary adventures.

Serving Suggestions:

Gourmet Sandwich Upgrade: Elevate your sandwiches with a generous dollop of Autumn Fiery Harvest Piccalilli. Its robust texture adds layers of complexity, enhancing the overall sandwich experience.

Cheese Platter Star: Pair this piccalilli with your favourite cheeses (we love it paired with a sharp cheddar!) to create a show-stopping cheese platter. The chopped vegetables also offer a delightful contrast to creamy cheeses, making it a must-have for your next gathering.

Grill Master’s Secret Weapon: Use it as a zesty relish for grilled meats. The chopped vegetables hold up beautifully on the grill, providing a burst of flavour and texture to every barbecue masterpiece.

Dip into Flavour: Transform your snack game by using our piccalilli as a flavorful dip for crunchy veggies or tortilla chips. The chopped medley ensures a satisfying, chunky texture with each dip.

Creative Culinary Companion: Incorporate it into your favourite recipes for a unique twist. From stir-fry to pasta salad, Autumn Fiery Harvest Piccalilli adds a burst of autumn-inspired goodness to any dish.

Unleash your culinary creativity with the Autumn Fiery Harvest Piccalilli — a chopped texture sensation that brings a symphony of flavours to every meal. Fall in love with the crunch!

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Ingredients: Cauliflower, red onion, celery, carrot, sweet pepper, jalapeno pepper, salt, pickling spices, mustard seed, red pepper flake, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, sugar, vinegar, water

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